“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men {and women} to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

This past Saturday, millions of people around the world gathered for the Women’s March in one of the most inspiring acts of solidarity and hope I have ever witnessed. They rallied together to fight for their rights, to fight for the rights of others, to tell the world that they will not be silenced, dismissed, or ignored any longer.


We can’t let the momentum die with January 21st.


For the next 11 months, I will be creating a new piece of art to sell each month, and 30% of the proceeds from the piece will go to a different charity or organization. So that’s 11 new prints and 11 different charities/orgs from February to December. The focus is on causes that I believe will need our help over the next four years – possibly now more than they ever have before – causes supporting the rights of women, children, immigrants, the arts, etc. Also, at the beginning of every month, when the new print is released, I will post a blog with information about that month’s charity/org, that way, at the very least, I can help raise awareness about the different causes.


How can you help? Other than the obvious answer, by buying prints, you can help by spreading the word – tell your friends, share this blog post and the ones to follow all over your social media accounts. You can also help by suggesting charities and organizations you would like included in these next 11 months. The list isn’t final yet, and I’d love to hear which causes are important to you! And please feel free to suggest ideas for the 11 pieces of art. Your input would mean a lot to me – not only are we Stronger Together, but there is no way I’m going to be able to pull all of this off on my own.


My life’s mantra, and a theme whenever I create new art, is “dum spiro spero” – “while I breathe, I hope” – and I find it incredibly fitting that the first blog post on my new art site is about fighting for that hope and fighting to bring that hope to others.


I can’t wait to hear from you guys, get more information to you, and begin what I hope will be an incredible 11 month journey!