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vagabond (Helen Mirren)


vagabond (Helen Mirren), 12 x 9 in, pen ~ print

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vagabond (Helen Mirren), 12 x 9 in, pen ~ Vagabonds are always moving, from place to place, and they never settle for too long. Helen herself often lives like that, and has described actors as rogues and vagabonds. Also, there is a raw, gritty connotation to the word “vagabond” that I felt was illustrated in the reference image for this piece and was something I immediately knew I wanted to capture in my drawing, as well. Hopefully it translates!

The reference image for this piece was a photo taken by the brilliant Peter Lindbergh.

Printed on heavy paper, this is a print of the original piece. Each print is individually signed, titled, and dated by hand after printing!

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Dimensions 12 x 9 in


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