Band Shell

OSSO/OVCH Band Shell


Band Shell, pen, 12 x 9 ~ print

Product Description

Band Shell, pen, 12 x 9 ~ print ~ The campus where the elementary and high school I attended is located used to be an orphanage, the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Orphans’ Home (and then later the Ohio Veterans’ Children’s Home). It was built for the orphans of the Civil War and used to be the largest orphanage in Ohio. I attended school on that campus from the 4th grade until I graduated high school, and I still go back every year to help with the drama department. I’ve spent so much time there and invested so much of myself in that place that the history of the campus has also become very important to me. I want to remember, and help others remember, where we came from and what others have sacrificed to get us where we are today. This band shell no longer exists — it had to be torn down when it became a safety hazard because of its age, and all that’s left is the stage and impressions of where seating used to be — but to me it will always be an iconic part of the OSSO/OVCH campus.


Printed on heavy paper, this is a print of the original piece. Each print is individually signed, titled, and dated by hand after printing!


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