love affair

love affair


love affair, pen, 12×12 ~ print

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love affair, pen, 12×12 ~ print ~ Julian R. Rooney Auditorium, Xenia, OH ~ Sherie Rene Scott on theatre: “It doesn’t last — only in people’s memories and in their hearts. That’s the beauty and sadness of it. But that’s life — beauty and the sadness. And that’s why theatre is life” — one of my favorite quotes about theatre to go with one of my favorite theatres! This image depicts the inside of the theatre I have spent over half of my life in and out of — first as an actor in jr high and high school and now as a stage manager and assistant director — and my love affair with theatre.


Printed on heavy paper, this is a print of the original piece. Each print is individually signed, titled, and dated by hand after printing!

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Dimensions 11 x 11 in


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